Saturday, September 02, 2006

Our Flag and a Nice thick Wall

This is our flag, by “our” I mean the people of the Republic of Iraq, a flag is the pride of ones nation.
Mr. Barzani gave orders yesterday to remove this flag from all official building in “Kurdistan-Iraq” I tell him go hit you head in a nice thick wall.
If you have no pride in your nation’s flag then you can “leave Iraq”. He says that the Kurds were killed and tortured by the governments of Iraq raising this flag, I say what's that got to do with the flag?
I can tell you this, If the central government of Iraq has lost whatever pride and respect it has, although I don't believe they ever have been respected.


Miraj said...

Don't they think it is now for them to consider more important issues like for example the uncontrolled militias running around killing people? Or are they controlled??

If he thinks that he has the right to put down our flag for such irrelevant reason then I really do not want to know what flag he wants to raise high instead.

hala_s said...


A relative of mine took his family and ran away from Baghdad off to Sulymania to open a business. They asked him for a Kurdish guarantor!!! where are we for heaven's sake in Dubai

miraj said...

Yes hala you can't enter Sulymania unless you have a kurdish sponsor. Ironic isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Sharrul- biliyyati ma yodh-hiku!

Guys, guys, girls, take it easy on Barazani & the flag... I think u should at least thank him for having thought of the question that way. Otherwise if it wasn't for this initiative of his, on whom r we going to make our next jokes then??

Laugh & let laugh! Life is just full of absurdities... so draw your benefit & laugh on the rest.

Miriam said...

The current flag characterizes the deepest grief for all the Iraqi people during Saddam’s reign of terror and should be taken down across Iraq, in addition to the Kurdistan region. Shia, Sunni, Assyrian, Yzedis, Mandeans, all people suffered directly or indirectly under Saddam and his flag. The existing flag is perpetuating a psychological oppressive mentality rather than unity, tolerance and brotherhood of all groups in Iraq.

Current articles concerning the national flag fail to mention that a new design was to be decided upon back in 2004. There was an Iraqi flag design contest and over 150 entries were submitted. The best symbol which is quite beautiful and can be adjusted into a flag has been hanging above the Iraqi parliament for the past two years.

It is the Iraqi Parliament banner in Baghdad, with a beautiful map of Iraq, the Sun of Kurdistan and three palms trees to the left.