Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tolerating Stupidity

For the past eight day Al-Azamiyah neighborhood populated by approximately 450,000 people has been the main focal point of the security operations conducted by the U.S. forces and the Iraqi National Guard.
A major Curfew has been forced. The whole area is under total siege.
Ministry of Defense and the office of the prime minister keep bragging that they have planned this since three months ago with General Casey.
The plan is going smooth; the reports say that they have found some explosives and complicated machinery to make high explosives etc.
One thing they forgot, and it seems that its taking a pattern whenever there is such an operation or whenever there is a curfew. That is they tend to “forget” people need to eat, drink go to their work and people also get sick, they need to get medical treatment.
Part of this area where most of the trouble happens is the “Safenah” area this area in Al-Azamiyah is a kind of slum, its populated by mainly poor people with irregular jobs.
These people in particular and most of Al-Azamiyah are now after eight days of total curfew and siege are now hungry shops have finished whatever they had on the shelves and no food has entered the area for the past eight days, there is a total lack of fuel, food and medicine.
People in the “Safinah” area are begging for bread.
It seems that the geniuses that planned this security measures have forgotten that "Humans" live their. Or have they?
I just can’t tolerate stupidity, and the media are so far away.
It seems that the high brass just doesn’t care.

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