Monday, November 27, 2006

Seven Lives!!

An Zappy has managed to get out this Morning!
I', o.k. Sorry for not posting the bloody internet is useless, so is my GPRS nothing seems to work.
Anyway Thanks all, for asking about me I made it safe to Amman this Morning, Saw my kids and wife after some terrible depart.

1. on thursday the past I visited Sadr city to fix my car, I made it through the explosions there by a hair!! so yes there goes one of the lives.

2. on the same thursday and after the curfew I found out i had no ciggerattes left so of course I left the house to buy some, The Police were after me without me noticing and using thier Car speaker told me to take my hands out of my pockets, lie down on the road and then they sent a police man to check me, they thought I was a bad guy, I thought that they were the Milita. anyway they let me go and gave me a ciggarate and told me not to mleave the house again because of the curfew, did I mention that it was 9:30 p.m. and not even a Rat was on the Road., there goes another life.

3. this Morning I was waiting for a Airport Cab to take me to Baghdad International Airport, he called me in the morning to tell me he can't make it he was scared of my Naghbourhood, so me being me wearing my suit and dragging my two large bags and a backpack had to Walk two kilometers until on a empty scary street at 6:30 a.m. until I reached a Police car, the boys where so scared of me they started shouting at me to..yes to lie drop the bags and lie down on the street..again this time because I was wearing a Suit I refused to do that part and tried to reson with them, after some talk they sent me one of the police men to search me. "sounds familiar?" anyway they let me stand beside the Police car, and they even stopped me a Taxi. live number 3

I just made it to Amman, Im happy to see my wife, my daughters and the quiteness.

Oh, did I mention... no lets leave that to another time.

Zappy! Gidiup!


Treasure of Baghdad said...

Zappy! I am so glad that you are safe now.

The last minutes in Baghdad were so hard for me. I love Baghdad. It broke my heart that I had to leave but there was no other choice.

I am sure you felt the same. I could tell from your writing how you love Baghdad and Iraq.

May we all gather in Baghdad again.

chikitita said...

What a movie. Zappy's Odyssey.

By the way, didn't you say you quit smoking, see what cigarettes can do to you, not only do they ruin your lungs, they also could have you arrested. Ba3ad la t3eedha.

nmj said...

Hey Zappy, this reads like a thriller, my palms were sweating by end of your post! Enjoy Amman.

Anonymous said...

I have been checking your site every day. I have been so worried about you, with all that I hear is going on. I know we in America don't hear everything so my imagination was running wild with what I thought could be happening to you.
I can only imagine those who were less fortunate than you, and have to still live there.
But I am grateful you made it out in one piece and were able to reunite with your family.
Our collective prayers were heard!

Anonymous said...

God Bless

Rubin said...

holy-be-jesus Zappy,

you won't be able to live "normal" if Peace breaks out someday!!!

did I mention that smoking is
gonna get you killed!

Bruno said...

Holy crap. That's more close shaves than I'd like to have in a lifetime. Wow. You'll have some interesting stories to tell your grandchildren one day, that's for sure!

Indigo said...

I am glad that you are out. You have an over-worked "guardian angel", as we might say in the UK.

MixMax said...

1000 alhamdulla 3ala al salama, Zappy. Is there a way you can remain beside your family for the meantime?

Fatima said...

loool! Either way, Hamdilla 'ala al salama.

Through Gracepeace said...

Let's paint this on every wall.

Revenge is the fuel for the fires of Hell
thus Satan fears forgiveness
because grace not only quells his flames
it weakens his dominion