Saturday, November 18, 2006

the Iraqi Bloggers Milita's

Dear Iraqi Bloggers "inside Baghdad" how about we set up a Milita?

Maybe we would do much better than the Idiots in parlament, at least Im sure we would smell better.


mariestaad said...

I think you should! Militias are quite fashionable these days, and Iraqi bloggers should not be left behind!

Zappy, good to see you blogging again. When you disappear for a while, your readers hold their collective breath. As always stay safe.

Marshmallow26 said...

Militia al 7ob??? about us who live outside of Baghdad, Militia-branches???

:: Katrin said...

Uh, Zappy, what a mighty idea ;-)

How about calling it PEACE militia?

Glad you're alright, if it's alright to call that alright...

Take good care.

MixMax said...

What shall it do? stop killers from other militias?

وليد المكتوم said...

Salaam Aleikum,

Yourfuture militia, may it succeed in securing peace and understanding and protection of all Iraqis' well-being--regardless of ethnicity, linguistic identity, religion, or partisan affiliation--should keep track of the places occupied by other militias, the shoes worn by other militas' members should you come in contact with them, excellent records of the deeds of "security forces" and law enforcement officials (americans, police, Iraqi soldiers, and most importantly the Interior Ministry), and add paint to darken the facial hair of any pictures of Muqtada al-Sadr, for the sheer strangeness of it.

Although this paragraph is probably irrelevent to the rest of this comment, it should be noted that the United States does not talk to Hamas because it accuses Hamas of being a terrorist organization, while the United States has to talk with the administration of Nouri al-Maliki who refuses to take any action to thwart the Mahdi army or the Badr organization because such action would be "political suicide." Does murder in general, or sectarian selection for execution in particular, not qualify as terrorism? Those are the things the Mahdi army does, with the full support of the US's ally, Nouri al-Maliki. It is therefore unfair that the United States talks with the terror-supporting Iraqi regime while refusing dialogue with Hamas on the basis that Hamas is "terrorist." What is even more appalling (sp?) is that Israel, so dearly loved by the US, feels justified, no, authorized even, in its terrorism for some supposed greater good, like releasing a very few Israeli hostages without any benefit to their captors, I guess. Invasions of Gaza cause Palestinians to be killed. Israel trashed Lebanon this summer to the effect that more than a thousand Lebanese people were killed. That sounds like terrorism.

So concludes my ranting about terrorism. Your militia should be capable of taking on a broad range of disguises so as to facilitate infiltration of enemy militias--you should be able to present a convincing image of membership of the Mahdi army, Badr brigade--ah--organization, the Mujahidin shura, and even the police and interior ministry.

A fundamental difference exists between intelligence organizations and spying on militias and other organizations to see what they are up to. Intel organizations like Saddam's Mukhabarat, the Iranian "Ministry of Intelligence," and probably the American CIA look for people to accuse of insubordination-like behavior and punish on this basis. Your militia should infiltrate other organizations to gather intelligence because intelligence is virtuous, a good in itself, the more, the merrier. Such is the fundamental difference between bullsh8t intel agencies that seek some preconcieved thing and people who merely wanna know what there is to know out there. Morover, your militia should speak maslawi Arabic so as to distinguish its members from any impostors.

If this makes sense, be careful, get some sleep like I did not, drink plenty of the water you know you need.

If not, such would indicate either my invaldidity as an author of meaningful coherent comments or my validity as a testament to the weakening effect of sleep deprivation. Good night. Don't drink and drive, and don't write in my calculus book. If I affended anyone, I sincerely appologize, unless you are the US government, the Israeli Military, the supreme leader of Vilayet or have written in my math book, in which case you don't deserve to have your beliefs defended from the oh so bruising onslaught of my latenight earlymorning incoherence.
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miraj said...

Zappy, r u ok? Please try to put any comment jus to know you are fine.
I have no clue why I dreamed of your site today!!

Your sis Miraj

An Italian. said...

Dear Zappy,
I discovered recently that such militia does exist already.

It is the Safety Force of the Iraq Freedom Congress:

neurotic_wife said...

u ok??? where are you???