Saturday, November 18, 2006


I Just love those Optimists, they are one hell of a species.

According to Retuers the spokesanimal for the Interior Ministry, Brigadier Abdul Karim Khalaf, said all the hostages were free:

"This matter is now closed and we have declared all the hostages released. If any family says one of their relatives is missing, let them come to the ministry and tell us."

Yeah sure so you could finish the whole family. Idiot!

this is another way of saying case close we don't give a shit of those people go hit your head in a wall and don't open the subject anymore.


miraj said...

Tera sedug ma 9aira. They want the families that still have kidnapped people to go report!!! Do they take us for iditos??????

I just wish we will wintess their torture.

Anonymous said...

I shan't tell u to take it easy miraj. (& it is witness not wintess ;) ). U forgot that the families might also NOT make it to the ministry. Anything might happen to them on the way there: A car-bomb, a sniper, an aggression, a road side bomb....
And if they ever escape all that, they might just be shot at at an American check point or patrol.

La hawlil-llah. La yabeh! Rejji'oonleh Saddam ahsan!

chikitita said...

Well said Zappy who gives a shit, they're but a bunch of Iraqis, there's just too many of them.