Friday, November 17, 2006

The Thin Transparent Line to Anarchy

Kindly excuse me for not posting for a while, internet problems mainly; I also had some terrible experience through the past ten previous days. Mostly indirectly but had some effect on a dear friend and some colleagues.

I shall list them below:


Car bomb on the Republic Bridge near the International Zone, Baghdad: the International news Media took this piece of news very lightly, some even ignored it.

What happened was a judge and his driver had just left the international zone gate number 1 “checkpoint 1” when not more than 15 meter from the checkpoint on the republic bridge their car exploded, it seems that the Judge of Al Karkh Criminal High Court after a meeting with Iraqi official disagreed with “They” so “They” equipped his vehicle with a sticky exploding present that took his life and driver.

P.S. any Vehicle entering the International Zone is presumably Checked.

I leave you with your own conclusion.


Iraqi Cabinet spokesman “Ali Al Dabagh” States that “only 42” have been actually abducted and currently 40 of them have been freed” and two remain unknown”.

I Say he’s a fucking liar and to be conservative more that 100 have been Kidnapped, it is also rumoured that two who are Christian in faith have been freed and two who are named “Ali” alsohave been freed. The freed men have talked about the use of sledge Hammers in cracking open some of the kidnapped men, in one case where “According to Chikitita” “they” called on of the kidnapped men’s mother and made her hear her sons screams while they chopped his fingers laughing in the phone “ONE!” the chopping the other finger “TWO!” …etc.

More than 100!

And both ministries Defense & Interior, the Fucking Iraqi Intelligence service, the whole US forces in Iraq, Green Berets, Marines, FBI. Have no idea what happened who did it? Why? And where the hell are they!

Someone is lying! and they are also trying to cover it up!

they have a clear idea of who did it, but the government is covering it up because they would fall since the people responsable are "partialy" the government if not more stronger.

Daily Approximatly 80 people die

Approximatly 40 to 60 are kidnapped by "They" or "Terrorist", (both look the same to me).

And guess what our Prime minister does? He goes to visit the Turks for a couple of days, showing you how our prime minister cares for the Iraqi People.


MixMax said...

I was shocked when I saw Iraqi prime minister talking on a press conference in Turkey, saying that "foreign influence" is the cause of the blood bath in Iraq!!

He is just trying to cover up the failure in every plan he put - if we assume that he comes up with plans at all!

I am not denying that "foreign influence" is causing a damage, but everyone knows that the "they" are also Iraqis

Where are the Americans from all this? they are dizzy, everyday soldiers have been killed, and there government is desperate for anything to pull them out of the mess.

Anna MR said...

...and just to think - if the votes in what, Florida?, had been allowed the final manual recount, it could all have been avoided. Zappy, take care out there. Thinking about you all.

white rose said...

iraqiyiathis is one SICK cycle were livin in..
ye3ni o talli o ba3deen shloon?

Rubin said...

hehe yep florida, jews and bush are arab's BIG problemo otherwise life would be just loverly.


but go ahead grind those neural self defeating pathways so deep even the DNA passed to your children will be defective.

Bruno said...

Actually idiots like Rubin are Iraqi's big problem ... but I hear the Muqawama weeds out the dumb ones pretty quickly. Soon, the Americans will weed the remainder of the Rubins out of power for at least another eight years. Can't say I'm sorry.

Fatima said...

Definitely anarchy.