Tuesday, December 26, 2006

from the Beatles to Sticky Bombs

Well obviously I made it back to Baghdad in one piece :)
the U.K. from my short trip experience is a nice, calm, and tidy country (most places), I used the Railways a lot and had some really ironic experience in a trip on a Friday afternoon from Oxford (not true, but nearby) to Liverpool, I had to take three trains and the delays were a bit annoying, on the first train a "Virgin line" the announcer on the speakers said "welcome on Virgin line from blah blah blah to blah blah blah, enjoy your trip and relax" I was enjoying it standing near the toilet for nearly three hours.
Liverpool I visited Mathew street and a German type of Bazaar I also visited the Albert Docks, nice city but ugly buildings.
on another trip I was invited by Hala_S to visit London City, she gave me the Grand tour, down to Harrods, Hamleys, Park Lane, the Hard Rock Cafe, London Bridge the newly developed Dock Area..etc. Hala_S is a Model of the Hard working, independent,Individual Iraqi with a great self esteem. a wonderful Girl and a great lady, we had some nice discussions and I tell you she's down to earth in everything going around in Iraq and the Iraqi community in the U.K.
I hope we would always keep in touch.
I also was invited by Salam Adil but due to lack to time couldn't meet him.

Coming back to Baghdad was difficult, the trip from Baghdad International Airport to Home was one of the spookiest experiences I have had, the Roads were deserted (8:00 p.m.) and the Taxi driver was so nervous) anyway I made it home my oldest daughter (X) was looking all the time through the taxi window telling my wife "Mummy where are all the people? why is Beautiful Baghdad so dirty?"

a new trend is going around these days, Snipping people and sticking bombs under cars, the bad guys are snipping Innocent civilians all over Baghdad with concentration over bridges and the highways, they are also sticking explosives under the ordinary civil servant because they know he parks his car "inside" his office car park.

oh by the way, I returned to smoking.

this is a terrible post but I'm so disoriented right now, so sorry if the post seems so lousy.

Have a wonderful Christmas!!


Marshmallow26 said...

Hello Zappy,

Merry Christmas and Welcome back to the land of horror and nausea.

iraqi79 said...

This doesn't make sense. Why did you go back to Baghdad?

neurotic_wife said...

Hey Zapppy!!!! Should I say welcome back??? Akoo wa7id iroo7 il "lenden" oo comes back here???OMG!!! Well, all I can say, you joined the smoking club, yaaaaaaaay!!! Im such a bad influence moo??? I know people who quit and they returned to smoking because of me, hehe...Anyways glad ur ok and uve enjoyed your trip...

Stay safe...

chikitita said...

Zappy's back to blogging. Yinradilha thibee7a.

Where's my bus?!?!?!

Treasure of Baghdad said...

Zappy! I quit smoking for a year and a half. As I came to the US, I started smoking again because of the stress that surrounds me all the time.

Glad to see you blogging again pal :)

The Iraqi Roulette said...

Welcome back mate,
When you went I really freaked out , cause what does that mean? all of you going and leaving me here Ha ?
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you and your family, and besides date palms do not grow in England ;-)