Sunday, December 31, 2006

Zatti ? or the Idiots Guide of how not to execute a tyrant

The best way to destroy a nation is per (divide and conquer) or in this case (divide and lets watch how many people kill each other, hehehehe).

No reasonable Iraqi could argue that Mr. Saddam was other than a complete Self centered Butcher, he represented no other than himself and who ruined Iraq with the help of the Hippocrates and henchmen.

Now lets talk about ourselves, we Iraqi’s, are we innocent? I don’t assume that any Iraqi would say he wasn’t a victim, including the current democratic Iraqi government.

Now, lets think a bit, shouldn’t we be better than our henchman? Did we learn anything from this very clear picture of History in the making?

Now lets look at the whole picture:

He was executed on dawn of “Eid” that’s 30th of December 2006, all Muslims celebrated Eid with the EXCEPTION of the Iraqi government they celebrated NEXT DAY!

So the First day of Eid Officially in Iraq was today.

Clearly announcing that the government of Iraq does not represent Iraqi’s but only Shia Iraqi’s and I tell you Shia’s Iraqis are not represented by these butchers.

Why was that? Simply because our democratic government was clarifying how biased they are, how sectarian they are, and finally how clearly they want to divide this country.

This biased country has done what Saddam used to do. What they also want to do is simply stick Saddam to Sunnisim. This you hear by the BBC correspondent in Baghdad today on “have your say”.

The Rope around Saddam is going to go around the Hippocrates, you’ll see. one by one.

Oh and by the way they created a Martyr out of him.

This should be a lesson for other countries of “How not to execute a tyrant”

for the BBC my name is Zappy not Zatti.

Happy Eid (whats left of it) and Have a wonderful New Year!


neurotic_wife said...

Lol Zappy, I liked the Zatti part and I agree with u 100%

Happy New Years, AGoolha inshallah inshallah itkoon sannat khair altho I doubt but I gotta be optimistic...

chikitita said...

Watching a roundup of Iraqi history on Al-Jazeera, I found that all leaders, except the monarchs, had to brutally kill their predecessors. Can't anyone break that stupid habit!

programmer craig said...

Why was that? Simply because our democratic government was clarifying how biased they are, how sectarian they are, and finally how clearly they want to divide this country.

Zappy, I don't think the Shia want to divide Iraq. I think they want to rule it. I think you've got that all wrong. I think it's the Sunni who want to divide it, as that is their only hope of retaining any sort of autonomy.

And I'm using "divide" not in a physical sense, but in the same sense that you are. The Sunni could have lived (peacefully) as a minority group in a Shia dominated Iraq. I don't think that's possible, anymore. Too much has happened. That's still what the US is pushing for - power sharing - but I think that's the main problem the Goverment is having in Iraq. What the US wants is not what the Iraqi people want.

I'm certain you disagree with me on everything I just said, but it remains my opinion, none the less. We will see what the Iraqi people really want when the US military is no longer there. Although I suspect the theories that America is pulling all the strings will continue til the end of time.

Anonymous said...

The "patriotic resistance"
and their al-queda allies had
three years to moderate and give the new government a chance ...

Each time the Americans turned over
more authority to Iraqi this
"ionsurgency" reacted with more killing of innocents ... NOT LESS

1) Allawi who had contacts with high level members of Saddams regime and who was a secular figure
was Never given a chance to govern
for his term

2) Jaffari who was chosen through
an elected Parliament ...
elections for which the Sunni elements CHOSE not to participate
was met by horrific violence

3)A vastly improved more representative election yielded
Maliki ... Jaffari stepped down
as a man of honor ... by the will
of the new Parliament he stepped aside ... Maliki made more concessions ...

So the execution was not a perfext execution ... SO WHAT ...
The Shia militias are responding the only way they no how ...
by targeting the innocent Sunni ...

The Former Regime elements need to make the first move ...
They need to end all attacks and turn on and Kill al-queda cells

Once the attacks on the new Government and Shia civilians end
Then Maliki can respond to the Militias ... he can not do that
while the Shia are being targeted ...

Makiki was not given a single
day of peace on which to govern ...

Sunni regions can end this horror
by giving Maliki a chance to govern in peace ... he can not
continue to make concessions
while the violence directed
at the Shia persists

Zappy Corleone said...

Programmer Craig, I ment simply the "Government of Iraq" not the Shia community, My objective is simple, I want to live in an economic stable safe and for heavens sake a Quite! country.
Iraqi's could never be happy they a majority love to complain and blame others for thier misfortune, I belive its time to change ourselves from within, hatered only cases more hate thats it.

Ant said...

Violence and hatred just breeds more violence and hatred , it never was and it never will be the answer. In their thirst for revenge and more power "the government" (or their masters in Iran) choose to openly promote more violence through their militias. They could set an example and reign in their militias , but I can't see that happening any time soon. And now this whole farcically botched trial and execution fiasco (they could hardly have done it any worse if they tried) will just open up more rifts, promote more sectarian violence and delay even further any chance of peace. Plus, as if to add even more fuel to the fire , Bush wants to send more troops - unbelievable ! All these people are either extremely stupid or extremely clever ... let's hope they are stupid, coz that way they can still learn and change.

Until the cycle of violence is broken , until "the government" starts behaving like a government , peace is unfortunately a long way off.

Zatti :) - could be worse , could have been Zippy (wasn't that one of the Muppets ?) or Zitty or Zippo !

Marmite ! ... has civilization totally ended in Bagdad or can you get Marmite there ??

Anonymous said...

programmer Craig,

Why do YOU think Nergaponte and Steele, who cut their teeth training death squads in Central America were sent to Iraq? How do you think the guys that blew up the guarded Golden Dome Mosc got the 12 hours or so they needed to set all the charges? Why do YOU think it would be in Bush's or Israels' interest to keep Iraq whole?

Marshmallow26 said...

Zappy mo Zatti,

Balki BBC chant datreed tin6eek 7ukum Thati binakha Kurdia by saying Zatti??!!! LOL!!

Happy New 2007

Rubin said...

Marshmallow26 you nice gravatar.


Don Capo Zatti: ..I belive its time to change ourselves from within, hatered only cases more hate thats it.

amen & Insallah