Monday, January 01, 2007

“The Dummies Guide to become an Idiot on International News”

Searching through all the Boring News Channels on T.V. I noticed what some idiots have to say;

1) All Major News Channels during the Execution of Saddam one of the Henchmen chants “Long Live Mohammed Baqir Al Hakeem” then you realize duh isn’t he dead?

2) On Al Hurra News and I think Al Jazeera and Al Arabeya a guy carrying a rifle in Sammara and chanting after the Execution and burial of Saddam says “The President Sadam Hussien may good protect him and care for him” then you also think , ummm I thought he was hanged yesterday?

3) On Al Hurra News a demonstration of Teenagers from “Fateh Palistinian party” chanting after Saddam was buried “Long Live the Great President Saddam Hussien” , how long would that be?

This was just to give you an Idea of the Idiots going around.


cile said...

wizz zappy! in baghdad, and still?! wishing a good year to you + iraq as a whole + other iraqi bloggers.
and: i wish you some shiploads of good luck and care.

Anonymous said...

Funny you mention that. CNN coverage was warning time and again that pictures would surface and that they might be disturbing.
DUH!! It is an EXECUTION, since when are those supposed to be pretty?

zmanutdz said...

Maybe you can change the title to ' The Dummies Guide to become a laughing stock on International News ' , I was laughing so hard when I watched these scenes on TV.

'This was just to give you an Idea of the Idiots going around. ' Indeed, lool