Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Aqiqi's

Dean Aqiqi is a wonderful character "I happen to know him close, but he doesn't know who I am" hes one of those people that you can connect to quickly and he's highly active, here's what he has to say:

Dear Friend,

Here is an attempt to write in honour of Iraq; the home I left in 1972 to return only in 2005 to serve.......hence these lines:


Everyday her brilliant visage appears
to me when I stand, when I'm sad,
upon hearing the news of tears
in Iraq and when I'm glad!

Those who are far from the eye,
they say, are far from the heart;
none sense I say for Iraq has
and will always be in my
heart until the sun shines no more.

Her delightful soul, my dear Iraq
visits me time and again and calls:
I need more; only a few are
those who could really give it all.

One thing Iraq will never be
deprived of is the light of the sun
no one, yes nothing could veil
its rays; it is not oil nor bun.

Did the war make Sam and sons
safer or our beloved country a stable
state; did it spread peace and fun?
Patience? OK but how long I'm unable!
Wait for me all as I will
remain in love with the wounded land
ere long will meet again and enjoy
time again and again!

Dean Aqiqi


mariestaad said...

Zappy, are you OK? If you haven't posted for a while, we all get nervous!

nobody special said...

A lot of good people have mysteriously stoped blogging. I pray for their safety.