Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dear Date Palm

Dear Date Palm,

You have been my Mentor all my life, we never connected quite well when I was young, you have always been a Gentleman among your peers and your Family.

I have learned so much from you, I cannot express how much I love you Sir.

I'm sorry I haven't visited you, I have my reasons, I hope you forgive me.

you being in Karbala and me in Baghdad doesn't mean anything, you are always in our Hearts, we will always remember your kindness and love, you were really a model, so many people envy us because how a great Man you were.

I remember all those shocking moments in life, when you had your first Heart attack, you were so young, the Government pushed you so hard in life. your Dad and Young Brother Died two years ago they loved you so much, your Dad was a tough guy and not much of a good parent he pushed you so hard to become a Man at such a young age, he sent you away when you were twelve and never told your Mum that it would be sixteen years until you came back, your Mom still thinks about you and cries whenever your name is mentioned.

Dear Date Palm,

you were such a lousy politic analyst, the day before the War you said "three days, one to locate him, one to set things up and one to pick him up from his collar and then things will get better than ever in Iraq" its been approximately Four years Date Palm, the Family has set apart each one of us has "relocated" to a different country, the Family is on such a wide scale of time zones the Sun always shines on one of us during the day.

Dear Date Palm,
Its not just our Family, Its most middle class Iraqi's, they have fled the country or trying to, I know you would not agree to such a thing, you would never have accepted leaving home, but things have changed, its not safe anymore, Evil roams everywhere, no one is safe. not even at home.
We all Love you Dad.
in loving memory of "SAM" 1945-2003


hala_s said...

Allah yirhama

It is good in a way that he hasn't seen the Iraq of today.
I used to feel sorry for the people who died before seeing Saddam's fall. But now I think they haven't miss a thing.

P.S. you are a spitting image of him right?

miraj said...

Allah Yer7ma ya rub.

Marshmallow26 said...

Hi Zappy,

I am sorry to hear that but believe me he and all who passed away are in rest now, not like us we are living in an unknown future..

Alla Yirhama

Anonymous said...

Dear brother, he is always with us with all of us I can feel it I know he is happy for us because we r all safe now
I miss him very much I wonder if there is anybody as kind as him

Love you dad more than anything ealse in my life even more than my son