Friday, February 02, 2007

Some Stupid Calculations

the Iraqi Medium Basic Salary = $300

A month is 30 days à $10 daily

20 Liters of Kerosene = $17 = enough for 12 hours of heating four kerosene heaters

20 liters of Gasoline = $12 = 120 km for a car and 8 hours for an 8Kv Generator

1 (16 Kg) LPG cylinder (cooking gas) = $ 20 enough for a week cooking

1 kilogram of tomatoes = $1.5

6 pieces of unleavened bread (Staple food) = $ 0.95

1 Kilo of Beef = $10

1 amp of hired street electricity = $9 for 7 hours a day/ per month of 185 Volts

Unrelated? Confusing?

If we understand that the national electricity grid provides is only two hours a “day” (one hour each 12 hours) then we conclude that electricity is useless in providing Heating, Water Boilers etc.

If we rely on hired electricity and a boiler works on 3500 Watts that means you need 15 Amps that’s $135 just for seven hours of Hot Water per month.

Kerosene for four heaters working Twelve Hours daily = $2040




Isn’t it Ironic? in the land of 1.5 trillion Barrels of Crude Oil just under 50 meters beneath?


Anonymous said...

I thought tomatoes were plentiful in Iraq??

Does the government still supply
the monthly food rations ???

The 1 hour per 12 of electricity
is that the Nationwide average
or just in certain sections of Baghdad ??

With a predominately Shis government are the Shia areas
now favored when it comes to electricity or is it distributed fairly ???

miraj said...

Thank you for doing that. I wanted do but ma chan biya 7eel.

Marshmallow26 said...

أصلا عيب و خزي عالحكومة
I guess we need to pay salaries to our politicians...kha6ia...

AshokToronto said...


Interesting to read your blog. Drop me a line.
Best wishes for peace in Iraq soon.

Rubin said...

For starters Zappy, If you could insulate at least one room in your house to R-40 the cost of heating or cooling that room would be small.

Jury rig if you must left over pannel styrofoam and afix it to the ceiling, walls and under the floor.

styrofoam R value is about 5 per inch.