Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Iraq, Mesopotamia as the old British Gaurd like to call it, or "Ardh as-Sawad" which is the Black Land as the Arabs used to Call it because of the so many Date Palm Grooves.

Its turned Black all right... Black "from Smudges of Explosions" and Dark Red "form the Blood splattered on the street" with so little Green "trees" and Lots of White "Dead People covered for Burial".

Iraqi's are not welcomed in Egypt
Iraqi's are not welcomed in Lebanon
Iraqi's are not welcomed in Kuwait
Iraqi's are finding it difficult in Syria
Iraqi's are finding it nearlly impossible to enter Jordan
Iraq's are harassed in Iran.
the Number of Iraqis who entered the U.S. since April 2003 are 500 including Fulbright scholars )approx 120)

P.S. to the Government:

if the Government dosen't respect its own citizen, don't wonder why other Countries don't respect Iraqi's.


Anonymous said...

Maliki and other prominent Iraqi
leaders need to get involved and seek temporary funds to
assist Jordan and perhaps Egypt
in temporary settlement of Iraqi.

Then once there is organized plan to the entire ordeal

Maliki must send representatives
to these countries and come up with
a plan to first bring back the men
to Iraq say 16-50 years of age.

These men can be organized to supplement the security forces
and help with the new security initiative.

Now, that said the idea is not for these men to fight or be targets
but to flood areas where there
is an existing agreement within
the security in the neighborhoods for their return.

Before heading back to Iraq reconcilliation efforts can be underway with meetings in Jordan
and Syria ...

As far as America is concerned ...
Well lets see we are sending 20,000
more soldiers ... it does not look good to the American Public for
100,000 Iraqis to come here ...
and our soldiers are going there.

Americans want to see an all out
push to stableize and support moderates in Iraq ....

American will NOT support a huge
exodus of Iraqi coming here
while our Young men go to Iraq
to search for roadside bombs
and to man checkpoints.

Maliki needs to ask for world support and then organize
the exiles have them return
to neighborhoods where security
agreements have been reached

Nadia said...

Zappy I have a few relatives who have managed to go to Egypt. They say the people are helping out but the fact is life is extremely difficult in Egypt for even Egyptians. No work, no better human rights and a dictator who has over lived Saddam. So their message is go elsewhere, since even Egyptians find life extremely difficult over there.

Anonymous said...

As an American, I find it unforgivable that Iraqi refugees are not taken in with open arms whenever they want to immigrate. I know most probably don't want to come to America, but they ought to be given the opportunity. It's the right an decent thing to do... instead of making it nearly impossible.

Dan C.

Deep Sea said...

Hi, first time visitor to your blog. Unfortunately, yet another headline on BBC today 'Baghdad car bombs leave 60 dead', terrible. Hmm..history being forcibly re-written for the ancient land of the Tigris and Euphratis. Very very sad.

Laurel said...

Iraqi's out of country will come back if assured they can live and work in peace. The murder kidnapping threat compelled them to leave; no one can fault them for that. The US President has extolled the virtues and abilities of the Iraqi people. I agree the good people of Iraq can build a government of the people with US help and profits from this oil rich country. All Iraqi citizen should receive dividend checks from the sale of oil and the reuilding of the country can be financed from that same oil revenue. Before this can proceed with ernest the murderers and terrorists have to be put down.

Anonymous said...

As an Australian, I feel so ashamed my own Government has said and done nothing to help the Iraqi refugees.

Other countries like Sweden have sent money. Even the USA is going to take in an extra 7000.

Yet the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard has said nothng.