Saturday, February 24, 2007

Zappy in Mossy Land


Thats it for me,

I finally made it to the big smoke, I'm in the U.K. safe, Sound and legal.

my family is waiting in Amman for some time, the Girls are in School, my wife is working hard to get her English better, and farewell Iraq.

I left everthing, my Home my Cars my Job, everthing and Im working hard for a better future.



Donna said...

Super news and good future for you and yours

Anja said...

Good luck for your future!

fjb said...

Good luck to you and your family, Zappy. I know it will probably be hard for the first while, but I have no doubt that you'll make it work. Personally I think it's a good move, for yourself, your wife, and most importantly, for your girls. At least you're all safer.

I hope you keep blogging, as I would love to know how you are doing from time to time.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you Zappy. I am so sorry all of this has happened to you and your family. If only we could turn the clock backwards.....

Anonymous said...

Oh...Zappy, I'm am so happy to know you and your family are safe, but I know how hard it is to leave a place you love, where the way the wind blows, the changes of the seasons are woven into the fiber of your being.
I can not even imagine the gut wrenching decision to leave everything you worked for behind. (though I suspect residents from New Orleans might have a clue on that point)
Good luck in England! I hope your family can join you soon so that essential core of what makes a home can warm your heart.

aric said...

That sucks, I can't imagine a situation so bad where it is easier to just leave everything behind. I will miss your snarky comments about an the insane situation my countries leaders have created. Of course, good luck.

Indigo said...

Welcome to the UK, Zappy. I hope that a lot more will be allowed to come in. Now that the US and NZ have raised their quotas for Iraqi immigrants, I think that the UK government should feel under some pressure to do the same.

Let me know if you think that I can help out with anything. I live in London.

mariestaad said...

bittersweet news. I spent a year in England; even for me it seemed small and cramped. But after awhile I became accustomed--and I loved traveling to Scotland, the Isle of Skye in particular (big spaces, more space to breath). I'm so glad you're safe. I'm so sorry it came at such a cost, and I am ashamed that the country I live in perpetrated this hell. We shall all suffer for a long time, I'm afraid, in different ways. Please keep in contact!

Don Cox said...

Welcome to England!