Sunday, February 25, 2007


How do people live in these Monopoly Houses?

I feel I'm in Legoland, even the double beds seem minuture, I miss Home... Anba'ar Rice and my Cousins Hassoni and Chebreet.


Anonymous said...

Grab an umbrella (since it's probably raining) and go to the park. The sky is still big and endless...and it's the same sun and stars your cousins look at.
I hope their email and phones are still working so you can stay in toucha and stay close.

dave said...

so where are you living?

Bruno said...

Keep going, Zappy. It sucks to be homesick but you can do more good for those you left behind from Britain than in Iraq. Good luck, man!

Nadia said...

Take care Zappy. Hopefully soon your family will joing you.

Anonymous said...

All the best wishes to you, Zappy. And to your wife and daughters, too.

Perhaps one day you'll become a Rambler on the footpaths. And, you'll begin to feel at home in your little Legoland.

And, perhaps, in the not too distant future, you'll be able to return to your date palms, too.

-- Tilli (Mojave Desert)