Saturday, April 28, 2007


Kent gets hit with a terrible earthquake measured 4.3 on the Richter scale, causing tremendous damage to chimneys, the city council is still assessing the damaged chimneys and roof tiles, one elderly women has been hospitalized. citizens have been evacuated from thier homes.

In other News,

59 die in Karbala 127 injured.

Good Night.

My view is that each on of the fifty nine human beings have families have feelings , are flesh and bones. had dreams

but then who am I to Judge the News channels.


Don Cox said...

It's perspective. Your own sore finger matters more to you than somebody else's cancer. It is hard to get newspaper readers to take any interest at all in things that happen in another country. Otherwise Darfur would be the top headline all the time. I remember that the Algerian terror campaign in the 1990s, when whole villages were massacred, was hardly reported at all.

Zappy Corleone said...

Thats why I wanted to delete this Post, its a bit selfish.

Anonymous said...

Well Considering that every single
day we in America and Britain
extreme criticism of Bush/Blair with
the emphasis being that
Iraq is in a civil war which
American/British forces can not stop.

So people become immune ...
they buy into the rhetoric of Murtha/Pelosi/Reid that this is Iraqs internal civil war and that
Americans and Brits should leave
and let the factions fight it out.

These bombings are horrible ...
al-queda takes credit for many
and all indications are that
Former Regime Elements are involved
with all others.

The point being I have never seen
a major anti al-queda protest
in a Muslim country ...

And al-queda boasts of killing
thousands of innocents ....
where is the outrage of the Muslim
world ????

In addition where are the anti al-queda protests in Iran ???

I mean over 4 years al-queda has easily taken credit for bombings targeting at least 5000 perfectly innocent Shia ... and what do we get in Iran a Shia country
... anti-American protests when the Americans provided the pathway to the Maliki government ...

It makes no sense these Iranian protests !!!

The fastest way to peace in Iraq is as follows

1) Iraqi Parliament passes
three mahjor pieces of legislation which is fair and reasonable to all

a) The Oil Revenue Sharing
b) amnesty for those in jail
who only targeted Americans
(perhaps those Iraqi picked
up around Ramadi for starters)
c) The guidlines to bring
Back many of the former government workers who happened
to be Baathist only for
economic reasons

Once this is Done ...insurgency
must begin to cooperate with new government and a sector by sector
withdrawal plan can be put in place
for the removal of Americans and Brits

If fair and resonable legislation is passed and the Violence continues then Sistani and al-Sadr
must appear publically and pledge the entire Shia support for the Americans to wipe out the remaining insurgents...
right now resources of American
and new Iraqi army are wasted
because they need to watch
Mahdi Army and others ...

The new government
can not reconcile with those who have been car-bombing the civilians.
They have to be wiped out and the fastest way is to give the genuine
patriotic Iraqi resistance a reason
to stop (the new legislation)

And then wipe out all others who do not cooperate

A unified front must be presented
to those behind these attacks on innocents ... I mean lets do this already !!!!

deborah said...

I created a peaceflash for my Iraqi family that now lives in Syria.

sendin you warm smiles


Anonymous said...

We hear every day about problems in Iraq and you want us to hear MORE?

I really don't understand your point of view. People die all the time, around the world, in disasters and troubles... terrorism and otherwise. There's simply no room to report every single one of these.

People would stop watching news if there was yet more death, death, death to look forward to. People watch the news for interesting items as well, not to worry about if 'they're next' or to feel bad at each and every loss around the world.

Plus, isn't publicising terroist attacks EXACTLY what the terrorists want? I'd rather not play into their hands...


mariestaad said...

Right, let's keep up that happy talk, Fox. Truth is you don't hear even a fraction of what is occurring in Iraq, the daily hideousness of living in a destroyed country. So, yeah, bad news and more bad news. I wish the networks would show the carnage, the severed limbs, the children blown to bits, then maybe some of my fellow Americans would grow a conscience and lobby for a real solution to this benighted adventure that is decimating an entire generation of Iraqis. Turning the TV off is no solution at all: that's called denial.

Dabbler said...

In the grand scheme of things 4.3 is nothing, but it's everything when you are not used to earthquakes and the ground starts shaking.

The tragedy is that deaths in Karbala have become routine on the news. The further the story is from home the less its impact on our lives. I confess, I don't read the stories in depth anymore not because I don't care, but because the tails of human misery make me feel so damned impotent to help - sure, everyone has a solution but no one agrees: send more troops, pull our troops out, do this, do that ... who is right? I just don't know. Karbala itself is only one part of the world - what about Darfur, or Zimbabwe, or any other tragic hot-spot in the world?

All I can really do is pray that those with the wisdom to deal with the issues in these places are heard by those with the power to enact the solutions, while I try to deal with the issues and the problems that I can resolve.

Perhaps that is an answer: rather than one person solving the huge problems of millions, perhaps we should all just try hard to make one other person in this world's life better. Maybe if we do that enough we'll make a real difference.

Don Cox said...

"grow a conscience and lobby for a real solution "_______You say that as though there were some simple, well known solution that could be applied at the push of a button, such as a magical 100X improvement in the quality of Iraq's politicians.