Thursday, May 03, 2007

Queens Red Carpet

If you can't setup a red carpet, how the hell are you going to build a wall..

There was some delay in the Queen disembarking the aircraft as officials struggled to get the steps to reach up to the plane door. One member of the palace entourage was seen at the door looking at his watch and Prince Philip also could be seen, seemingly wondering why it was taking so long.

Daily Express


Fatima said...

The Brits will always make fun of the way Americans do things. I saw the same news piece on BBC, cracked me up.

bruno said...

I hear that a senior US commander who was inspecting the Adhamiya Wall was bagged by an Iraqi sniper. Perhaps Bush and Cheney should come inspect the wall too.

Zappy Corleone said...

I hope they don't mess todays dinner :)

Anonymous said...

Lets see ...

Iraqi children are now dying at a record pace due to lack of electricity/water/sewage/hospital/
clinic projects.

Hmm Attacks on Americans slow down
reconstruction and add billions
to the security costs which would have otherwise gone to recon projects.

So in effect attacks on Americans
kill Iraqi children !!!

Americans are dying at approx
100/month ... I'd bet Iraqi
Children are dying at over
1000/month !! .... so the question
is simple What the hell is Bruno
so Happy About ??? The "patriotic resistance" is killing over ten
times the number of Iraqi Children
as Americans ... Bruno is indeed
a fool !!!