Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Summer Holidays

Because our representatives in the Parliament have done wonders to the country, working their asses (bullocks in english) so hard to get the Iraqi citizen water electricity and above all security, they have decided to take a Summer Holiday for two months.

the main reason is because so many Iraqi's like me are already taking their holidays abroad on the street pavements of Iran, Syria, Cairo, and Amman, Jordan, so theoretically the homeland is practically empty.

I hope they take a one way ticket, they know as we do that they have lost connection with the Iraqi people and its time for them to flee.

were we so naive to elect these semi humans?

as a wise man just commented ' yes, but would anyone notice their not in? '

Happy Holidays bastards! your no better than the terrorists!


Kyubai said...

Greetings it is a very nice post indeed...
Have u ever watched how a drunk person acts? If u did then u know exactly why our parliaments r acting like that and if u haven't then this is your example...
At first I used to get pissed of just like u did for the actions of some people in the government but yet what can u do they r drunk with power they don't give a damn a bout u, me or anyone just for their position and their image so we can't expect anything from the likings of those...and thank u.

bruno said...

All politicians are like that. Iraqi ones not excepted. It's pathetic, I agree.

Anonymous said...

From the last few years I believe
Iraq should scrap this European
Style Parliament and this party
list stuff ....

A demonstrations over the summer should demand
a change to locally elected
representatives for a House of
Represetatives similar to USA.

Then also another body similar to the US senate for each of the what
21 provinces

The people of Najaf/Falluja/Ramadi
Tikrit/Basra etc should be able to send their own people to
these Bodies ...

it seems to me
that local elections to the national body will fit the Iraqi
mindset and build greater confidence in the new government

If Iraqi people can be represented
directly two ways at the local level according to population
of the town AND at the province level then I believe it can
yield a better government ....
especially when it comes to
hospital projects

What do you Iraqi think ???

Anonymous said...

Before Vacation ...Parliament
must make progress on alt least 3 issues.

1) Role of US and British Military

Parliament should have a week of meeting with the Defense Minister
Senior Iraqi Military and Police Commanders listen carefully
to their concerns before voting ...
After all these men and their subordinates will have to assume
the void left by foreign patrols.

Can we assume by the nature of an insurgency that has attracked
civilian targets that with Americans gone that attacks directed against Americans will
now be directed against Iraqi police and military ???

Sammara police have suffered another major attack are Iraqi
MP so damn sure that attacks against these men will not increase drastically ???
At least extend the courtesy of letting these men speak their minds before voting .... and then
if you want to begin the witdrawal
the MP's should determine the timetable. The US military wants
withfrawal based on results
difficul;t to predict ... so
its wrong to demand that Americans set timetable ... If al-Sadr's block is so damn sure of Iraqi
unity blossoming with US withdrawal
the al-Sadr's block should set the timetable .... and then we will see
how the sure rest of the MP's are
and what confidence they have in
Iraqi unity !!!

2) The oil revenue sharing plan

Note to Bush Haters ...
Cheney did NOT author the existing
legislation nor did he insist
the legislation pass as is ...
he went to Iraqi to stress the importance of "A" oil sharing plan.

First split the legislation into two parts ...
a) a way to Share all of the revenue fairly.
b)The role of foreign investment

part b need not be voted on
or even included witrh part "a"
it can be discussed when Iraq is more peacefull ... right now
come up with a way of sharing
the damn oil already ... to me
an American it looks like many Iraqi are in the "blood for oil"
business !!!

3) Bringing more of the ex Government workers back into the
respective ministries ....
Maliki had a plan ... Sistani
nixed it ... OK ...well hammer out a new one already.

Get these 3 issues settled
before any vacation ... then
limit vacation to two weeks ...
Its time for MP to take responsability ....

Anonymous said...

You hate Britain but you moved here? If you don't like it then don't come here, quite frankly.

The situation is messed up in Iraq whether they have summer holidays or not, so there is a lot of empty resentment in this post.

Politicians are humans too and I doubt that they're as cold and heartless as you make out. If they could fix this mess so easily, don't you think they would?

Zappy Corleone said...

You hate Britain but you moved here? If you don't like it then don't come here, quite frankly.

Where did I say that???

Anonymous said...

Yes Fox your type of mentality is known, and yes we shall leave Britan the day the British leave iraq the same way they found it when they illegally invaded it without any authority.

Anonymous said...

Have they passed the OIL legislation yet?? I mean, that's what it is all about, and that is why they are there, in the Green Zone, being told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, by the Bush Administration.
Cheney has just been to Baghdad to see Talabani, who dutifully trotted out to the media that he "wants" the US to stay for two more years.
By which time, the US military bases will be operational, and the oil will be pumping straight into the coffers of the oil conglomerates.

Through Grace Peace said...

Our Eyes Dream Acid Tears

One land, one people, all asleep
one dream in every mind
all see words of scripture, captive
in a vise of hatred, crushed
distorted words of God, acid
tears, with screaming lips, the captor
feels the kiss of Satan
on his heart.

jhondie said...

Maybe we will be lucky and someone competent will take their place while they are in a 2 month vacation

bruno said...

This is the latest news on the US written and backed oil law:

Yeah, Iraqi lawmakers are not happy about it. But the pressing question can wait until they return from holiday ... LOL!

[dougan] "You hate Britain but you moved here? If you don't like it then don't come here, quite frankly."

Well, given that BRITAIN was one of the countries that royally buggered Iraq in the first place, I'd say that Zappy has every right to go to Britain. I think that the British government should put up Iraqi refugees for free until Iraq is livable again.

I like the way some countries smash up other countries and then complain about the refugee problem ... hypocrites.