Monday, May 21, 2007

The $1000 KFC Meal

Iraqis in Jordan are over doing it. A dear friend of Mine virtually paid $1000 for a small takeaway dinner from KFC.

Let me explain,

X has a severe back problem requiring surgery that cannot be performed in Iraqi Hospitals due to the simple fact that we don’t have anymore experienced Surgeons in Baghdad (they were either killed, Kidnapped or fled) one of our friends in Amman Jordan how is a hyperactive guy went all around Amman Jordan and managed to set X with Doctors without Boarders, they volunteered to pay the expenses for the surgery do be conducted in Amman.

What’s the link with the KFC meal? …hold on I’m getting to that part..

Well X books a flight to Jordan and goes to Baghdad International to board the plane, obviously he never boards the plane because some high important high official takes X’s seat so X has to sleep the night at the airport terminal on a chair, (lets not forget why he’s going to Amman in the first place and pray that the plastic moulded chair is comfortable).


X arrives at Queen Alia Airport next day on the late flight to Amman and is told by immigration to wait for the Intelligence officer, himself and two other.

X waits for four hours until the Intelligence officer meets him and vet’s him. Conclusion was “We don’t want you in our country go somewhere else to do you operation” X has to sleep in Queen Alia’s Terminal (not her bed) on another plastic moulded seat until next days flight sets to Baghdad. But aha what about the KFC meal? Well out of courtesy the Jordanian Intelligence Officer gets the a wonderful meal from Heaven a bucket of Yummy KFC chicken.

Conclusion is that X had a magical $1000 meal of KFC that seems to do wonders in healing back problems.

And Maliki just like Saddam sells Oil to the Jordanians at lower than market prices.


Anonymous said...

And to make this episode even worse
I'd bet An Israeli Hospital would
do the surgery !!!

European Union (sans the Brits)
Should really step forward now
and make a huge effort to bolster
Iraq ... I mean at least get
500 million together and say
give 50 million each to ten
Iraqi Hospitals along with sending
some doctors and security personnel.

The European Union is wealthy
with a fairly large military(NATO)
and they do not seem to be doing
anything positive to move
Iraq forward ... its sad really.

Zappy Corleone said...

Why should they?

They didn't start the War, although they did back it up secretly with the exception of the Germans and the French.

however, the U.N. even though they didn't ask for the War they did push it through.

and let us not forget the sanctions, I believe that the Major catalyst for the current situation in Iraq was the distruction of the Iraqi coummunity via twelve years of Sanctions. so now you can see the coceqences.
so if you want to distroy a country start with the community, distroy there moral deprive them of decent living cause mass migration alas! Iraq is ruins.

however Histroy teaches us that Iraq is much stronger, it may take two or three generations to start again, with new ideas, and the most important learn from mistakes, the only friend Iraq has is Iraq itself, don't overtrust any other country even a arab one respect the Iraqi people and teach them to be proud of their nationality.
as I have noticed through some Iraqi Blogs and Bloggers, the feeling of national pride does not exist.
and those "donation buttons" you should be ashamed of yourselves if the money is intended for yourself.

Zappy Corleone said...

P.S. No an Isreali Hospital would not accept an Iraqi due to the fact that Iraq and Israel are at war since 1948.

bruno said...

Israeli hospital ... LOL ... right. Unless anonymous thinks a beating with rubber hoses qualifies as 'surgery'. We all know about Israel and Arabs, thanks.

Zappy --

It's true that some Iraqis have "gone sectarian" but that's not true of all of them. There is still a strong portion that believes in a single country. May they prevail, in the end.

Anonymous said...

The Americans have no intention, ever, of leaving Iraq. Their success will be because the Iraqis could not establish a united resistance against them.
I don't see any unification of Iraqis happening in the foreseeable future.

I also see Iraqi culture and history disappearing as the Americans corporatise and populate Iraq. Iraq will become the oil pump for the US military and a base for the US military to control the rest of the Middle East.
Perhaps some tokenism of an old Iraq might remain, especially in those areas useful to a tourist industry. But apart from that...Iraq's fate is clear.

I am personally saddened by this,however putting it into historical perspective, countries have disappeared before under the boot of an aggressive invader.

mariestaad said...

Well, that's what was said about the Romans—that they ruined societies, polluted them with Roman culture, Roman religion, Roman. . .well. . .everything. But a lot more civilizations were more resilient than the Romans and outlasted them as well. One only has to go to Wales to see that the Romans didn't have much of a stranglehold on Welsh culture, along with the celts. The U.S. may seem to be "the sea that all rivers run to" as Lao Tzu put it in the 6th cent. B.C.E., but seas dry up and become moribund with trash and a lack of diversity. So, the boot may be to the neck now, but I put my wager on a culture that is nearly 10,000 years old over one that is 231 years old. Iraq will recover; the United States has lost its prestige and has garnered acrimony from both the West and the East. Gaining back trust and allies, this will be nearly as hard as bringing peace to Iraq. The world has a long memory.

Konfused Kid said...

I cannot fathom the stupidity of some people, Iraq is not a 10,0000 old civillization. The old civillizations have all took their places at the Graveyard of Time, Babylonians, Sumerians, 7th Century Kofa & Basra, Harun al-Rashid, all has nothing to do with Iraq.

This 'Iraq' has foundations after the Mongul invasion, where it was shaped mostly by the war between Ottomans and Saffavids, and the 'Tribal waves' pointed out by Iraqi historians.

Know what you're talking about