Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Close Shave...

Yesterday Morning...

X hails a taxi from Al-Shaab District asks the driver to take him to Karrada, X agrees to the Price the drive asked and pops in.

just after crossing the ING checkpoints on the Al-Shaab bridge and instead of taking the left exit towards the Army Canal road towards central Baghdad he continues towards the Sleigh.
X notices, opens the door and hits the driver on his adams apple so hard the Taxi driver gets disoriented and slams the brakes, he tries to pull out his gun but X has managed to throw himself out the Car and runs towards the ING checkpoint.

The End.

true... God and his instincts saved him.


Anonymous said...

I am completely confused by this post. What is the 'Sleigh'?

And how can you open a door and hit the driver? :S Surely the door opens outwards and the driver is inside... and the passenger is either sitting opposite or behind the driver...

Zappy Corleone said...

"Sliegh" is a Neighborhood that has fallen to the insurgents.

You sit beside the Taxi Driver in Iraq.

he opened the door and hit the driver by a chop hit on his Adams apples.

I'll write my posts in Arabic for you, you may then understand what I'm trying to say.