Monday, August 06, 2007

KFC & Toys R Us Milking Iraq's Economy

I was looking in the Net for a Bicycle for my Daughters and I hit a strange article in the Guardian about how Toys R Us and KFC, Nestle and Pepsi Cola have charged iraq for "Loss in Profits" !!

I can tell you this!

I'm boycotting these people starting now.


Don Cox said...

The invasion of Kuwait was brutal. I know a guy whose father had a factory in Kuwait, which was destroyed by the invading Iraqis. So far as I know, he received no compensation. No doubt the big companies with their staff of lawyers are better at getting their money back. Remember also that these big companies are largely owned by pensions and savings funds - that is, by thousands of individual citizens, not by a few billionaires. ____And who did the actual looting and raping in Kuwait? Not Saddam personally, but Iraqi soldiers.____Another thing to remember is that the Guardian is against the invasion of Iraq and thinks Saddam should have been left in power. _____As usual, this is more complicated than it looks. And if you boycott Nestle, you might go hungry. ;-)

Zappy Corleone said...

and the Invasion of the U.S. was not Brutal...was it?

and no I won't get Hungry if I boycot Nestle

and Talking about Rape you should not forget about your own soldiers as I recall a Marine was senanced to 110 years impresionment not two or three days ago.

yes it is complicated

if your house is made of glass don't thorw stones at people.

of course this goes both way's

Anonymous said...

Actually with regards to
the violence affecting the
civilian population of Iraq.

I would consider
(though I can not prove)

That the 4 years of targeting civilians by the
"patriotic resistence"/al-queda
and the retaliatory revenge minded
Shia militias
is more brutal then the 6 weeks
of full scale military effort by the US.

Hmmm lets see Tal-Afar Aug 6th 2007
what ... 28 dead 19 children ...
a suicide truck bomb I believe ...

Long live the glorius resistence
of Bruno and "truth about iraqi"

Regarding the major international corporations you mention ...

One would need to get the corporate response and actual
legal documents to see what is really going on ...

All companies you mention
would like to operate fully in Iraq
What they are doing now may just be
a paper trail to make the corporate
bottom line look better for 2007.

I would imagine the final result
after negotiations will be
yield something positive for both parties ...

Certainly the Guardian as
"last word" and only source
on such issues will lead
to a biased conclusion

So when are the Kuwaiti civilians
going to be interviewed by Iraqi
government investigators
in order to judge claims of abuse
at the hands of Saddams military ...
Perhaps say next year ???

Or Perhaps say .... never !!!

Truth About Iraqis said...

Zappy, the raping of Iraq continues. That is what this war was for. Iraq paid nearly 200 billion for war reparations, perhaps more.

Did the Serbs pay the Croats and the Muslims?

Did Russia pay the Chechens?

Did Israel pay Lebanon?

Oh, I reported on my blog and elsewhere that the UN has taken $10 billion from Iraq for weapons inspections between 2003 and 2006.

AFTER the invasion and despite no weapons being found.

Meanwhile our families suffer.

Indigo said...

Yes, I'll boycott them now. Nestle, KFC, Toys R Us, Pepsi Cola. I already boycott Coca Cola because it funds President Bush's party; and I go out of my way to buy Cyprus orange juice instead of Florida juice. Sainsbury's stopped selling rice from the USA because it was GM-treated, and substitute basmati grown in Italy which is much nicer.

Anonymous said...

There is another US crime in the link , under jarema on the left of link

People tend to forget that there is a 150.000 Mercenaries in iraq who are causing crimes to cause the divide between sunnis and shias to deepen (it has been planned a long time ago in the 80s in israel to divide the arabs into their ethnic groups )

also people tend to forget that the Phonenix Program in Vietnam was based on Kidnapping , torture killing blowing up civilian areas with remote control to destroy the infrastructure in Vietnam , they are doing it in iraq too

Indigo said...

Cool, Zappy, I see you got a comment accepted onto the BBC's Have Your Say about Iraqi interpreters - you and Neurotic Iraqi Wife too - well done.

Don Cox said...

"Zappy, the raping of Iraq continues. That is what this war was for."____I wasn't. It was primarily to set up a strategic position against Iran, and secondarily to get rid of Saddam. I think the main motive for removing Saddam was that he tried to have the elder Bush assassinated. The second reason was that he was a loose cannon. Nobody knew what he would do next, or when he might invade Saudi Arabia.

Truth About Iraqis said...

Invade Saudi Arabia with what?

Paper airplanes? That is all poppycock. Thirteen (13) years of sanctions debilitated and devastated every aspect of the Iraqi military. They had zilch offensive capability after March 1991.

Iraq's most advanced fighters were flown to Iran, which kept them as "gifts" in January 1991.

Yes, Iraq could have invaded Saudi Arabia by maybe firing dates, figs, and kishmish (raisins) at them.

Anonymous said...

Did the USA pay the Vietnamese?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately that's the world we live in: to the victor goes the spoils,and it is the victor who writes history. Did the US repay the Germans or the Japanese after WW2? Those two ended up paying out majorly for reparations.
The US should realise that perhaps a Marshall Plan is needed for Afghanistan and the Middle East: it took twenty years for Europe to get back on its feet, undoubtedly, Iraq and Afghanistan with their smaller populations could be brought back into prosperity within a smaller timeframe. This of course depends on the willingness of people to adapt and change. Just look at Kurdistan: they've got malls and bowling alleys in irbil!

Nadia said...

Zappy please have a look at this site with lots of information on your subject. You might already know about it, but incase you don't:



neurotic_wife said...

Zappy, diyella 3ad, moo biz3at roo7na min il KFC wil Toys R us...Write something new...Youre my morning read at work with my coffee...So yella!!!

Zappy Corleone said...

Thank you for the incorgment, I will, thou I was thinking of shuting down since every blogger in Baghdad seems to be "Demobilized" (:p)

cile said...

Please explain 'Demobilized' as for Baghdad bloggers?
Nice subject for next post! :D

Zappy Corleone said...

I didn't mean it to sound bad, but it seems that the Iraqi Blogger community has lost hope