Thursday, August 30, 2007

Your our only Hope

I apologizes for not posting anything in a while, I have no reason at all other than being lazy, I have learned that a person cannot differentiate between day and night without a T.V. set.

Back on Iraq,

Al Khazalee , the spokes thing of the Sadr Block announced yesterday the Mahdi Army is Being restructured and asked the Mehdi Army to “Stop fighting the U.S. Army and other parties”

Now I wonder who the other parties are?

On the same matter Mr. Maliki has left Baghdad and is sitting in Karbala to clean things up, he fired the main brass who was responsible of keeping the peace in Karbala and is governing the place himself.

Seems that has getting bored from being a prime minister and fed up with his bad luck in Baghdad.

Looking through the Iraqi news websites all you hear from the honourable Iraqi officials is Purified Bull Shit, the President says he had a chat with an Iranian delegation and they promise him that the Iranian army will stop Artillery shelling “Zerbatya” in the near future.


To be totally honest (and selfish) I have lost all hope in things getting better, neither Obe wan Kanobie or Luke skywalker can help us now.

To the point, the only people who can help Iraq are the Iraq people themselves, we have made a gross mistake by electing the parliament we were offered, we had no choice these are the people who were presented to us, most of them we don’t know who they are, some of them are honest people who love there country, but they love themselves more, so what is the answer to this dilemma? How can we gather ourselves back into a nation? Frankly I ask myself this question, are we really one nation? Do we believe that Iraq should be our country, or is it better to have it turned into little pieces?
Iraq prior to 1920 was not a country, it was part of the Ottoman Empire, consisting of three cities Basra, Baghdad and Mosul, however after the British Empire invaded us we were given some type of sovereignty and since then people had one country, they never thought of it as anything else, also helping in this matter was the different dictatorships that controlled the country and the lack of a clear constitution, the Kurds never wanted to be part of Iraq for there own reasons that I am fed up with and not willing to discuss.
The Typical “Baghdadie” has always been snobbish about himself and tries to degrade people living in other cities, The people of Mosul in the North are edgy about the Kurds and are semi self contained.

I Vision Iraq as a large pit of Blood and death.

If the Average Iraq is not willing to give to his brother as much as he takes, and shares, and is willing to sacrifice of what he believes is his sole rights, and If the Iraqi person always feels that he is not part of the community and part of the government, and he respects authority, and authority and government respects him, then all you will get is Refugees, destruction and death.

The Day my Daughter was not “Allowed” to go to School anymore was the day I divorced Iraq.

I love Iraq so much but it seems that Iraq has stopped loving its Children.

Our only hope is the people to unite and stop looking for a Hero to Save them.


Don Cox said...

"Our only hope is the people to unite and stop looking for a Hero to Save them."____If they don't unite, Iraq will be dominated by Iran. And you are absolutely right about heroes. People have to learn that a Prime Minister will not be some Great Man who solves every problem for them, but an average guy doing his best. You are lucky if you get a Prime Minister who's main aim is not to get rich (like most leaders in Pakistan, for example). But even a good PM cannot accomplish much without a good, non-corrupt civil service. That will take time to build up.

Anonymous said...

Can Iraq build a non-sectarian
military ... if so it can be saved.

The current US strategy is to build
security within "neighborhoods" first
and not really looking toward Baghdad.

It seems to be working in Anbar ...

a) kill off al-queda
b) do not launch attacks agains new government
c) re-build your own neighborhoods
d) then reconcile after the civilian massses have tasted
some degree of security and re-building at the neighborhood level

If it can work in Baghdad neighborhoods
and the other big cities then those neighborhoods over time can
gradually be knit together again
to build the cities again.

Maliki needs to have the army behind him and the new Iraqi Army must lead the security initiative
as American involvement needs to wind down

Maliki can also yield to new
January elections in exchange
for an end to the insurgency

This could be the way to make
a significant advance

neurotic_wife said...

Zappy, what hope are you talking abt? There is no such thing anymore. Didnt you see what happened in Karbala???Two groups from the same sect fighting each other. Then mr nutso (aka muqtada) halted ops for 6 months???yeah right, I do not believe a word of that. Its all abt power my friend. Iraq has become a haven for power struggles. Let the normal people leave, and live thier lives in peace outside this crazy country..

Fatima said...


Super Steve said...

Unfortunately, Zappy, your post tells it like it is. P.s. I hate Don Cox's posts, I don't know why.

nadia n said...

i hope this doesn't come off callous as it's more of an intellectual response to what's a very emotional post but i think it's such a cliche to say that iraq was never a country as if that explains everything. a little over a hundred years ago, very few places were countries in the modern nation-state sense that we know now.

like, iran is only 50% persian, and turkey successfully carried out full scale genocide(so did american colonists), almost every country in the world has some kind of regional/ethnic rivalry where people from different cities hate each other, but no one ever says iran or turkey (or the saudis or russia or a million other places) deserve to live in chaos, yet it's so easy to say iraqis are bad people and they brought it upon themselves, and they have such a violent history that obviously nothing else could have happened but this.

end rant.