Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Help Youssif

CNN Reported two weeks ago this story, A 5 Year old boy was drowned with Benzene and set to fire, the masked dogs were taknig revenge from his father by burning this little boy!

Please Help this Kid

update: Funds have been raised, thank you, but there are other children who also need such
help, such causes deserve help


neurotic_wife said...

Hey Zappy, yeah I read the article when it first came out. I commented but I guess they didnt like my comment hence they didnt publish it. Anyways, Can you imagine what he goes through every day??? Can you imagine what his mom goes through everyday??? And people talk about hope!!! There is no hope when you see heartless criminal doing this barbaric act to a child. Hi heechee 9arat il 3ira8 Zappy, thats the end result...

Fayrouz said...


Youssif, his mom and sibling have made it to the States for his treatment. Check CNN article here.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope the medical
researech community can make huge
strides over the next few years
regarding burn victims
As so many people are affected
world wide ...

Perhaps in a few years once all the violence and corruption
end in Baghdad and Iraq is pumping
out 4 million barrels of oil a day
A Baghdad Hospital can take the
lead and provide large sums for research as I would imagine over the years a good number of iraqi
have suffered serious burns

Iraqi has great potential as a nation ... lets hope we can see it
realized soon

Anonymous said...

I just read the CNN article ...
In a few years Baghdad should have
thousands of beautiful new
apartments with a view of the Rivers for this family and others to return to.

Iraq once reconciled should be a country of greater wealth then the US as its much smaller and has
all that oil to export ...

But the corruption must end ...

In fact stories like this should
be presented to all the extremists
who are Iraqi and should shame them
for allowing this to happen
and for allowing a wealthy country
to become poor ...

Malikis government should be ashamed that it has rampant corruption as oil revenue is being stolen and reconstruction funds mispent ... Modern/rennovated Hospitals
and housing should be going up
all over Iraq by now !!!

It would not hurt if say George Soros donated 100 million to a fund
to place Iraqi families and their children whom have suffered into similar arrangements in say USA/Britain/France/Japan/South Korea etc ...

I mean Soros has 8 billion dollars

And I wonder if the "gates Foundation" is doing anything for
Iraq and or Afghani citizens ...

That may be an intersting project

I mean Gates Foundation also controls huge sum left to it by pal
Warren Buffet ... are these multi-billionaires doing anything ???

cile said...

yes, i just saw that on cnn fayrouz! and i wondered if it was the same kid i saw here on the blog.
in a way it reminds me of some blog-post time ago, by an iraqi blogster, about picking up a seastar and saving it's life by bringing it back to the sea.

Zappy Corleone said...

Yes they have made it easily to the U.S., latest report from Arwa is that they have enough money for Youssifs fund now, but there are other burn victims who need support so please continue helping these Children.
A Child does not deserve to start his life like this.

Thank you NIW, Fayrouz, Anon's and Cile.

Wishing you all a wonderful Day