Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cheap Blood

This may sound Naive, but the matter is that the situation is boiling in Iraq and it seems that nobody is taking much attention.

People are fed up with the contracted Iraqi Government official, the Contracted Foreign presence in the Country and the Contracted Militia’s.

For people still present in Iraq, the pressure is getting overwhelming. Yesterday’s incident of killing in cold blood of a child and a women is just another Coal in the Boiler, and the thing is its getting worse.

The country has turned into an empty shell, one small crack and everything shall collapse.

The ill treatment of innocent people in the figure of disregard of human Blood and respect by the Government, the Private Security Details, the U.S. army has reached to its brink.

The ill treatment of Iraqi Refugees at the Jordanian Boarders and Amman Airport by Jordanian Customs (I don’t blame the Jordanian Individuals ) has turned to a very unbearable status, specially when the Iraqi Government is Still kissing the Asses of the Jordanians by selling them Oil at $20 a Barrel.

The ill treatment by the Syrian Customs and Government by throwing out Iraqis from the country after three months has also reached unbearable heights.

The neglect of the United Nations and the International Organization of Migration, Oxfam and other Humanitarian Organizations of this matter is so shameful, shame on you! You send Angelina Jolie for the publicity stunt and then leave these people stranded without enough help.

But then who is Really responsible for all this Chaos? For the lack of respect for the Iraqi Citizen?

Is it the Iraqi Government? The U.S. decision Makers? Saddam? Do we actually care who?

Or do we need a plan to clean the mess up and stop blaming entities?
Oh and another thing, when are we going to start ?


nadia n said...

The issue is money. Jordan and Syria were open at first and now they're not because the burden is overwhelming. The U.S. is incompetent but even if they weren't they can't just resettle everyone within their borders. There are aid packages earmarked for the Lebanese, Jordanian, and Egyptian governments but not Syria's. Iraq and its neighbours need funds to deal with the crisis and keep its borders open but Iraq's other neighbours that haven't taken so many(or any) really shouldn't be off the hook.

I don't even know why I typed this out, I haven't said anything new, maybe it's too obvious I don't know. I see a lot of attention for the issue now but it just looks like talk and like nothing much is going to happen before it's too late.

Don Cox said...

Those private security contractors have been a big problem since the days of Bremer. It is disgraceful that they have been allowed to get away with having no proper rules of engagement or legal oversight for so long. Perhaps now people on both sides of the Atlantic have at last ytaken notice, they will be brought under control. Obviously dilomats etc need security, but they don't need cowboy security.

Little Penguin said...

I know it sounds very selfish and typical-of-those-who-have-never-endured-the-same-circumstances.. but I've recently come to the conclusion that we will never be reach a decent level of living unless the change begins within us.. The Quran says 'Allah does not change the circumstances for people untill they change within themselves"..

If we are to end the occupation, to slaughter every long-bearded butcher waiting to detonate a bomb in a market, build houses for the 4 million refugees in Syria, Jordan, Iran and elsewhere.. if we are to do that, we have to get our act together.. be strict in our dealings..

It's such a huge task I can't even imagine the sheer scale of it.. but it's got to be done.. right?

Iraq has been our home for thousands of years.. we dont need silicon-lipped dolls telling us how to run our country.. we dont need ANYONE.. we just need eachother..


Jon said...

Penguin has it right. The Iraqis can accomplish the above and more if they work together and above all stop hurting each other.

Anonymous said...

United you stand, divided you fall.
Yes, Iraqis need to stand together, be one people, united for the future and endurance of Iraq.
It is patently obvious now, with water and food shortages, that there will be massive mortality, with the USA doing nothing.
I believe Iraqis are at the point of choosing whether to fight for their countrys survival or not.