Monday, October 01, 2007

Eight Months Later….

Well its been Eight Months for me and three for My Wife and Kids since we Arrived to the U.K. and many things have changed as life goes on.

Since I was a child I was always thought the Alfred Newman’s “Me?..Worry?” should have been my golden rule thou I never managed to do that.

Until recently.

Paying nearly 30% of a salary in Taxes is a bit irritating especially when you see all the bills you have to pay..etc., worrying about how the Girls are doing in school ..etc.

Last week we had a small gathering for Iftar (Breaking our Fast), myself and two friends of mine from Iraq, we were remembering the (Good Old Days) and how we had nothing to lose and the daily difficulties Car bomb, IED’s and VIP convoy avoiding.

See.. when you miss home you don’t remember all the nasty things you’ve been through you always remember the Date palms in your garden, the Bulbul’s when the start to hatch from there eggs in April, the sky your family, the nice people and friends you had, gatherings in the evenings in the Garden.

I have fourteen months to go, after that I am required to return home.

But then fourteen months is a long time to think about in the time being.. me ? worry?


cile said...

14 months?!! why? what kind of timeschedules count in UK?

neurotic_wife said...

Wowwww...Yes you are right Zappy, we always remember teh good times when it comes to Iraq, especially when we are away from it. We forget everything bad, we forget the sweltering hot whether with no electricity, we forget the mortars and rockets. I know. Yearning is a difficult thing my friend, a very difficult thing. Il Haneen never stops

Don Cox said...

"the sweltering hot whether with no electricity"____As global warming goes on, Iraq will get hotter. And burning all the Iraqi oil is a major cause of global warming - including the oil that would be burned to power air conditioning in Iraq. ______Anyway, how did everyone manage in Iraq before air conditioning was invented? Life went on for thousands of years without it.