Thursday, January 24, 2008

Exodus and a Rag on a pole

Iraqi’s never choose to leave their homes and families, they were forced to do so, people have been fleeing the country since the late forties, it began by oppression against the Iraqi Jewish community (with the help of the British, ask an Iraqi Jew if you don’t believe me), then by the nationalization of property belonging to the upper class Iraqis after the first Republic (ask Chalibi and Makiya if you don’t believe me) then by the Communists in the early sixties (ask any Nationalist & Baathist) then by the Ba’athist (Ask any Islamic, Communist or Kurd) then oppression of forced Military service during the War with Iran (ask any Iraqi) and today by all the above with the Help of Terrorism, the U.S. and Iran (ask any of the above).

This land has seen so much Blood, hatred and sorrow, I have lost hope…

And the fucking parliament is arguing about a fucking Flag.


neurotic_wife said...

I totally agree with you Zappy!!!When I read the news, I couldnt believe my eyes!!!Theyre F****** Losers!!!I guess our hope now lies within the Iraqis themselves

Anonymous said...

An incompetent, self serving quisling government. Their only function is to do as they are told, which is to pass the oil legislation and to allow US military bases and US corporations to be established.