Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Suggestions for Iraqi Flags

our Blood is Cheap

and another made for the Iraqi Parliament


nadia n said...

I approve.

Treasure of Baghdad said...

e wallah!

Marshmallow26 said...

Yaba bisharafi 9a7ee7

Konfused Kid said...

I am funnier than you.

John Hudson said...

Asalamu alaikum,

I would like to talk to you about the condition and future of your country.

As a British born Muslim Convert to the religion and learning from its classical sources, the quran and Sunnah of the prophet and the prophets before him,

Jesus, Moses may peace be upon them all, I believe that I have a Solution, that we all hold a solution to the subjugation of your country and many others in your region.

A bit about me... I was Christian, but never believed that Jesus was a God or that I needed to contact priests or worship idols to worship. So the jump to the proofs of Islam was a very easy one for me. Most of all because I also knew that Secularism was a false way of life, so the option that was being given to me by my government was extremely barbaric, and based on lying to me about what its real intentions were. If you ever came to Britain you would know that the anti Islamic propaganda and foreign policy combined makes to dehumanise Muslims and paint Islam as a backward set of rules, and that secularism is way more “civilised”

This roused my suspicions, and I started to dig for the truth that these people were obviously trying to hide and destroy.

When I looked into the Shariah Law that the prophet Muhammad left behind, I saw that it was beautiful in its simplicity and left a full ideology which had no real contradictions, and was based on truth alone.

Iraqis need to understand the length that will be gone to by the Western powers to keep control. Propaganda has reached a very sophisticated level over here. They work on perceptions of the masses years before carrying anything out. Iraq was a typical example. The news was awash about the “threat” that turned out to be a lie, but literally 1 year before 9/11 this was going on. I don’t need to go into 9/11, I would hope that you would have the understanding I am talking about when I say that they will go to any length to secure their position – the US that is.

The point is, we are missing the point if we just concentrate on the effects of what this tyranny is doing, whilst they smile for the cameras. We have to cut it off at the root. The root is the thoughts of the people. We need to make people understand that only 200 years ago, while the thinking was declining in the Islamic state which covered all of the middle east, you still had so much more security than you have post 1924, when the khilafah was dismantled, and the West divided your lands and installed its satellite rulers. Now you are just toys in the hands of spiteful children that want all that you have and would destroy you all if they could get away with it.

Do my words affect you? It is because they are manifest truth.

Under the caliphate anyone, Muslim, Jew, Christian, or otherwise, could travel through every land of the Middle East in safety. This is hard to understand now, but it was this way for a thousand years, the only time it changed was when an outside force tried to wage war for example the Mongols. But the strength of the system and the belief of the people kept trials on this earth short and sharp. Living in the present it is hard to except that we can be a catalyst for change... back to when Africa was the main exporter of food in the world.

There is a hadith of the prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him and all of the prophets. He said to his companions:

"The time is not far when the nations will gather around you from every side, just as diners gather around a dish." We said, "O Messenger of Allah! Will it be due to smallness of our numbers at that time?" He said, "You will be many on that day, but you will be rubbish (or foam) like the rubbish (or foam) of flood water. Respect will be dislodged from the hearts of your enemies, and flimsiness will be placed in your hearts." They asked, "What is flimsiness?" He said, "Love of this world and hate for death." [Ahmad via Thawban]

Even if you are an Iraqi Christian, as a Muslim it doesn’t matter to me, with the utmost respect in the world I am with you and all of the people of Iraq, and there are many all over the world who are trying to affect the status of the people of your oppressed lands. Make no mistake; the bombs that go off in markets and mosques are planted by the SAS of the UK and the hired mercenaries of the US, just as the Taliban were trained in South Wales in Britain by the same SAS in terrorist techniques.

There are obviously people trying to fight the occupying forces on the ground and with some success, but We need to change the thoughts and ideas of the people. The idea of democracy is just a clever tactic to bring people to the secular values of the West. Trust me; we are not as civilised as you might think at first glance. The televised "shock and awe campaign" which aired around the world by the West as 20,000 people died in 2 weeks is just a snippet of the full testimony to that. The UN reckons 7 million have died in the last 15 yearsjust in your region through interference.

BAthism has been tried, Saddam was just a tool, and when he was done with they killed him. Communism, Secularism, none of it will work. Only when we come back to the ideology of Islam will we be given the rights that the West so vigorously tells us it stands for.

I would appreciate your thoughts, If any of this offends please feel free to state your views; I wish to dialogue with you and come to understand your views.


Zappy said...


first of all, I believe that religion is between oneself and God, second I am a Muslim, third I am in the U.K.
furthermore I have experienced what in I slam is called Fittna and if you manage to get hold of some books of history of the History of post Mohammad, you will find that Fittna started the Day the prophet died, his followers betrayed his Will and the start of the decay of social amendments started to decline.
keep yourself innocent avoid what is unreasonable.

and I totally believe that the 9-11 bombers are terrorists so are the London bombers and they are just the same of the other bombers and criminals who have helped in the destruction of my country.

Sandybelle said...

hi sir,
it is one of fate's ironies is to see people who own your country decisions get fighting for silly reasons, like the flag.
hwa ilbeled middamer:)
i'll add your blog to my blogroll.
I loved the sentence( where the date palm grow) it refers to the greatest Basrah.

Fatima said...

I miss your posts. Post anything!

Anonymous said...


Zappy Corleone said...

Abu DIRKA DIRKA seems to be the Funniest of all of us.

shame he posts Anonymously.