Thursday, February 28, 2008

Raseef 28

I assume I’m one of the few lucky people who have survived Iraq, looking back the years, though I truly try not to, I only remember the good things in my life, the gathering of Friends on “Rasseef 28” that’s what we used to call on of our friends front door because we used to gather there nearly each day when we were teens.

Cruising the streets of Al-Mansour and going to Al-Saa'ah Restaurant. Then when I really miss home I call some of my not so fortunate friends who have either never managed to get out of Baghdad or are (Visitors) of Syria, Egypt and (this you will not Believe) Darfur, Sudan and Ghana!!!

I then feel that my Heart has collapsed on itself. Or like its being squeezed inside some kind of a vice.

I’m meeting a friend of Mine from the gathering of “Raseef 28” at the Canary Wharf next week, I haven’t seen him since 1990, when he called me the other day saying he’s on a business trip to the U.K. and he managed to get my Number through another “Raseef 28” Mutual friend, I really had one hell of a flashback.

I miss home, I miss my friends but then we have all lost our Country, its very sad but its true, losing a country is something that can happen, it happened in Iraq, as it Happened decades ago in Poland and might happen again in another country..

Don’t ever let someone take your home away from you.


Don Cox said...

The Poles did finally get their country back. I think there is a real hope that Iraq will become a strong and independent country over the next 20 years. Certainly everything could go wrong and Iraq could be carved up by Iran, Syria and Turkey, in the same way as Poland was carved up by Germany and Russia. But that seems unlikely to happen now.

Nadia said...

Don it was an Israeli politician that wrote a document about carving up Iraq into three parts in the 80s for Israel's safety and it was the US that attacked it the same US that can't stop talking about that Israel's safety is US's safety.

Dear Zappy, my heart to aches and I sometime feel it very head to breath when I think of all what has and is happening to Iraq and Iraqis.

This week I met my beloved Iraqi aunt after 18 years of separation, it was wonderful and at the same time extremely sad with all that has and is happening to Iraqis.

Peace/ Nadia

Don Cox said...

Iraq under Saddam was viciously hostile toward Israel, so it isn't surprising that at least one Israeli would want to see Iraq destroyed. But remember that every individual Israeli has his own opinions. (As does each Iraqi.) I think many Israelis would now welcome a strong, democratic Iraq. After all, Israel gets along quite well with Turkey, Jordan and Egypt. Why not with a post-Saddam Iraq? I see no sign that the US wants to split the country - this would amount to handing over the South to Iran, which the US certainly does not want. _____ I don't think you have lost your country. Clearly it is still a dangerous place, especially in Mosul, but the violence really does seem to be slowly going down.

neurotic_wife said...

Zappy, so we lost it? Do you think it will ever be the same?

Zappy Corleone said...

Unfortunatly, yes we have, I doubt it will be better than post 2003 until some Major incident happens.

Don Cox said...

I suggest that the worst possible thing would be another Major Incident. Iraq has had far too many major incidents over the past fifty years. What is needed now is a slow and steady recovery. There is no quick fix - but a look at both Germany and Japan since WW II will give hope. Damaged countries do recover.